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focus on the design concept and technology of the ball valve

employee benefits
(1) paying social insurance for employees and depositing housing provident fund;
(2) organizing company employees to travel to nearby areas for public travel;
(3) enjoy vacations such as paid annual leave, family leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc.
(4) enjoy high-temperature materials, wedding red envelopes, birth red envelopes, children's college red envelopes, monthly team awards, etc.
(5) accommodation
   field staff: 2 people in a dormitory, with water heaters, air conditioners, writing desks, chairs, beds, wardrobes, internet to the room.
    supervisor, manager, director: single room, fully equipped; or corresponding standard housing subsidy.
(6) foreign employees return home to reimbursement for round-trip travel expenses (one year's work or more), and those who have not worked in the company for more than one year are reimbursed one-way.
(7) physical examination: regularly organize employee health checkups.
(8) holiday gifts: dragon boat festival, mid-autumn festival, spring festival, women's day, birthday, etc., the company has corresponding gift delivery.
(9) philanthropy: set up a charity fund to provide assistance to employees with difficulties, organize fundraising activities, and launch collective efforts to help employees tide over difficulties.
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