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this morning, professor wei jing, a doctoral tutor at chongqing university, visited kone to investigate. professor wei is a senior professor at the school of mechanical engineering of chongqing university. he is mainly engaged in research on transmission system dynamics design, vibration control, structural design and optimization in high-end equipment such as wind power, high-speed rail, hard rock tunneling equipment and offshore drilling platforms. liu zhihong, our chief technical officer, warmly welcomed the visiting guests at the company headquarters.


accompanied by liu gong, professor wei visited the company's heavy-duty factory, the company's headquarters exhibition hall and the machine production and processing workshop, and learned more about kone's production and processing layout, product technology and enterprise development process, etc. liu tong discussed the ideas and experiences of the gear reducer transmission system and shared some long-term research experiences. later, at the exchange meeting, our technical department and professor wei conducted in-depth discussions and communication on school-enterprise scientific research cooperation and technical exchanges. professor wei expressed his willingness and expectation to cooperate with our company in the transmission field. the two sides have played a role together with the purpose of mutual assistance and mutual benefit, and gradually deepened cooperation.

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