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this morning, professor wang yanzhong, a doctoral supervisor at beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, accompanied several teachers from the school to visit kone. wang is a senior professor at the school of mechanical engineering and automation of beihang university. he has long been committed to precision transmission and manufacturing, friction lubrication, cnc technology and gear transmission. in the direction of technology and other aspects, our chairman, jian jianzhong, warmly welcomed the visiting guests at the company headquarters.

accompanied by the general manager, the research team visited the kone enterprise exhibition hall and the production and processing workshop to learn more about kone's product technology, production and processing layout and corporate development history. during the visit to the exhibition hall to watch the four series of products of our company, professor wang and our general staff and technicians carefully discussed the ideas and research on the advanced technology and design process of gear precision transmission, and shared some long-term research experience. it has aroused the strong resonance of the technicians present in our company. during the visit, the research team also affirmed and appreciated the advanced processing equipment and standardized production operation management of our company.

     after the exchange meeting, mr. xiang introduced to the research team the general development plan of the company, the cooperation with universities and colleges and other research institutes, and the urgent need for advanced precision transmission technology. i hope that in the future, i will be able to professor wang expressed his understanding and recognition for the establishment of a more in-depth and close cooperation relationship with many advanced research institutes. later, dingfa conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to establish scientific research cooperation, where to cooperate, and to what extent, and initially reached a consensus on establishing school-enterprise cooperation, laying the foundation for further possible in-depth cooperation.

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